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Amasia - Halong Bay at sunset

This is an amazing story about our best Australian friends Erica and Bronte, who have been in Vietnam 22 times and their footprints were left in all the corners of our country. Flying over the time, I am so lucky to know them and be witness to their moving story of love which I am going to share…

Dedicated to our dearest friends, Erica and Bronte

Amasia - Hoi An accent town

Hoi An ancient town, Erica & Bronte’s favourite destination in Southeast Asia – Photo credit @amasiatravel

In 2001 my wife, Erica, and I travelled to Vietnam for a holiday, and take a look at how far the country had developed since the end of the “American” war. We did not realize at the time how much this one journey would affect our lives so much.

Erica is visiting a handcart workshop in outskirt of Hanoi

Erica is visiting a handcart workshop on the outskirt of Hanoi – Photo credit @amasiatravel

Following the well-trodden tourist tracks was the way we had decided to travel, booking a tour of local handy-craft villages in Hanoi and the surrounding area. We were assigned a guide named Thang, (Vic) who spoke English very well, and it was our “Lucky Day” as he was one of the most informative and friendly type of persons anybody could wish to meet.

Amasia - Bamboo basket boat, An Bang, Hoi An

Bamboo basket boat, An Bang, Hoi An – Photo credit @Erica

The day went perfectly and all the questions were taken seriously and always answered with a smile, consequently, after such good service, we have sought his assistance on subsequent travel in Vietnam and neighbouring countries.

Amasia - Traditional dancing of Thai people in Mai Chau

Traditional dancing of Thai people in Mai Chau – Photo credit @amasiatravel

While chatting with Vic, his wife and children we realized our contact and friendship had been going on for over 12 years, and during that time he has also been an invaluable guide to our friends and family.

Amasia - Hmong girls, Sapa

Hmong girls, Sapa – Photo credit @Erica


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