Indochina Sails – A Truly Memorable Lifetime On Halong Bay

On your Vietnam vacation, don’t forget to cosset yourself to Indochina Sails with a relaxing visit to Halong Bay and a “full spa” service. Regardless of summer or winter, experiencing something special & gorgeous on an Indochina Sails boat is always one flawless choice for an unwinding getaway to Vietnam’s most stunning bay – Halong Bay. Never miss a chance to spend your days in kayaking, caving, swimming, or cruising. In the evenings, allow yourself to be dipped into from a simple massage to even a full wellness package. Savouring one spa service is also encouraged to loosen up after a long day of discovery.

The islands and Islets in Halong Bay – Photo credit @amasiatravel

With more than 10 years of experience in hosting international sightseers on the soothing water of Halong Bay, Indochina Sails has indeed set a new standard for opulent cruises. As the initial company offering overnight cruises on the bay, the boats have been widely considered the number-1 choice for most discerning guests. Thanks to time-honoured traditional style, in addition to modern & luxurious cabins and facilities, nothing is greater than appreciating the natural beauty and miraculous seascape of this UNESCO World Heritage site on one Indochina boat. From the aesthetic designs to the high-quality materials and the luxury services to professional staff, the Indochina Sails are believed to win the tourists’ hearts from the first arrival!

Indochina Sails boat on Halong Bay – Photo credit @amasiatravel

Indochina Sails boats are all built of wood in Vietnam, by using the local materials and the handiwork of proficient craftsmen, artists, and shipbuilders. Usually known as aromatic wood, or “go huong,” it is extremely a beautifully grained and highly durable wood which will certainly add to the warm & rich feature of the junks.

In general, the Indo 1 and Indo 2 are both identical boats and were launched in 2007 with 15 cabins (Superior and Deluxe Cabins) on each boat. The newest boat – the Indo 3 (released in late 2008) – is commonly famed for ceramic artworks handcrafted in Bat Trang (said to be the home of the nation’s most skilful ceramic craftsmen). They are all reportedly decorated with silk from Van Phuc – one reputable “Silk Village.” Furthermore, the Valentine (introduced in late 2007) is also ideal for honeymoon-enjoying couples who’re in need of a more intimate and unique experience with a full-service vessel of all ritzy facilities and amenities.

Suite on Indochina Sails boat – Photo credit @amasiatravel

Each Indochina Sails’ boat figures prominently spacious and well-appointed cabins, coupled with the large en-suite marble bathrooms, a chic dining room & bar, and a large sundeck with easeful lounging furniture. With an attractive combination of classic beauty and modern comfort, Indochina Sails will definitely bring guests cooler and more excellent know-how ever!

Measuring approx 40 meters long and 8.5 meters wide, the custom-made wooden boat features remarkably three decks, inspired by Asian decor. Whilst the lower deck is specially designed as passenger cabins with broad sleeping space for 30 guests, the main deck encompasses the Reception, the Indochina Sail Bar, Restaurant, Gift Shop and Library. On the top deck, tourists are able to see the Sunset Bar and a comfortable lounge area – perfectly suited to your morning Tai Chi classes, sunset cocktails, and weekend BBQs.

Restaurant on Indochina Sails boat – Photo credit @amasiatravel

More often than that, passengers will also be taken the breath away by the rooms’ exquisite decor and furnishings. The cabins have been outfitted with natural materials with the aim of complementing the bay’s genuine charm. Meanwhile, the standing shower also figures outstandingly mosaic tiles in the Orchid flower patterns.

What makes the restaurant inside the boat become an irresistible place to sample Vietnamese cuisine? With a pleasant ambience, wonderful views, and attentive staff, guests are quite able to lead eyes toward bountiful international breakfast buffets, sit-down dishes for lunches, and formal dinners with enticing fusion cuisine. Particularly, special BBQ dinners are additionally well-served on the Sundeck at the weekends, or even based on the request from any group of family members, friends, company, etc.

Sundeck – Photo credit @amasiatravel

After all, travellers of ages and genders will find it intimate and satisfying to stay on the boat during their trip. Depending upon your duration of vacation, please check the itineraries thoroughly before deciding on the actual booking. Whether you’re fond of getting self-chilled out on Superior or Deluxe Cabins, trust that they’re all well-equipped with up-to-date facilities. There is just a slight difference in each cabin’s size as well as services.


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