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Hanoi Train Street

Wanderers Corner
Hanoi Train Street

Amasia | April 16, 2019

Hanoi Train Street

Hidden amidst the hectic, narrow streets of the Hanoi Old Quarter lies a funky little area, where motorbikes are no longer the biggest danger to locals stepping outside of their front door. They’re replaced by high speed trains, hurling through the residential street, mere feet away from peoples everyday lives – their dishes and laundry drying by the tracks. This is the Hanoi Train Street.


There are a number of spots along the track where you can watch the train speed by. We opted to watch the train pass from a segment of the street nearest the old quarter so we could walk there. You can head there using the map below, or just use it to guide you in the right direction. The train street lies on a small street between Kham Tien and Le Duan, the exact lane the train passes along is called Ngo 224 Le Duan. It is walkable from the old quarter, and it will take you about 35-40 minutes to walk at a decent speed. Try Uber or Grab if you are wanting to get a ride there.


 There are two trains which run along this route every day, one at 3:30pm and one at 7:30pm. We opted to watch the 3:30pm train for the daylight and photo taking opportunities. Aim to be at the train street around 3pm in order to make sure you are there in plenty time and find a safe spot to watch from. The train comes from the South so you know which way to keep an eye out!

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